Most people are aware the October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and for many people, it is a time to which they look forward to being a part of this movement, they embrace hope and make a stand to connect, honor and to accelerate the much-needed change. Perhaps you have been affected by cancer, whether yourself or via a relative, or maybe you know of someone whose life drastically changed when cancer knocked on their doors, and you are now looking for a way to help provide awareness and prevention.

A modern trend which has provided much-needed awareness and assistance all the while bringing people together to show solidarity and support of the cause have been jewelry. In this article, we will discuss their designers who have added amazing pieces to their collections as a way of helping the fight against cancer by providing breast cancer awareness jewelry.

1. Alex Woo

The contribution which Alex Woo has made towards the fantastic fight for breast cancer research, as well as awareness, is made so with the “Tree of Life” pendant. The award winning actress who is, in fact, a breast cancer survivor herself; Christina Applegate contributed to the design of the “Tree of Life” pendant.

The “Tree of Life Pendant” is meant to represent hope, harmony and renewal and all proceeds from the “Tree of Life” pendant go directly to Christina Applegate’s foundation; Right Action for Women. The “Tree of Life” pendants are available in either sterling silver or 14kt yellow gold; the price range is between $158 and $998.

2. Pandora

A very popular way in which people show their support for breast cancer awareness is through Pandora charms. A variety of attractions has been proudly introduced over the years allowing supporters ample options in which they can choose to provide their support, many times a portion of the proceeds from the charms goes directly to the assistance of Komen for the Cure.

Pandora offers quite a few ways in which supporter can help to “think pink” and wear a beautiful charm that commemorates cancer survivors; this is the perfect way of showing support for those you know and love who have been profoundly affected by breast cancer. Two popular choices are the “Surrounded by Hope” charm which costs $55 and the “Ribbon of Hope” Murano glass charm which costs $45.

3. Alex and Ani

Not only are you able to express your personality and passion with Alex and Ani’s eco-conscious and meaningful jewelry, but it also has an important purpose. For example, their “Stand Up Charm bangle provides support to Stand Up to Cancer, this groundbreaking initiative came about as a way of accelerating innovative cancer research which will help to provide therapies to patients and save lives now quickly. The Stand Up Charm Bangle costs $28.

Another option which is quite a popular one on their website is their Spiral Sun Charm, this charm provides support to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and their charitable purpose has been to provide funding to the most promising research the world over that could help eradicate breast cancer in our lifetime. The Spiral Sun Charm costs $38.

If you or someone you know has been touched by the devastating effects of cancer, or if you only want to help make a stand and support this fight, these three options are the perfect way to start.


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