As the second leading cause of cancer death in women in the U.S., breast cancer is a major concern. There are many conventional treatments on the market today for breast cancer. However, they have many toxic side effects and often acquired resistance to the cancer cells.

Studies have been ongoing regarding the ability of cannabidiol or CBD to treat breast cancer. This non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid is derived directly from the cannabis plant. It’s rapidly gaining momentum in the medical field as a means to end breast cancer.

Cannabidiol can stave off the inflammation and curb the anxiety of breast cancer patients. It also treats depression, PTSD, seizures, pain, and other conditions. It’s being shown to have many significant properties in treating cancer especially PCD or programmed cell death, in breast cancer patients.

This amazing compound has been found to inhibit the survival of the estrogen receptors for both positive and negative in breast cancer cells. However, it has no damaging effects on healthy cells.

As Cannabidiol continues on the forefront of medical science, it’s holding a particular interest for doctors and scientists as well as breast cancer patients themselves. It can augment or replace many of the conventional treatments and cut back on the serious side effects that the chemotherapy cause.


Scientists are excited at the potential ability of cannabidiol to arrest the development of the cancer cells and end the severe consequences of many a diagnosis. Apparently, it plays a vital role in the elaboration of a healthy cell structure and ending those cell structures that aren’t healthy.

The cannabinoids work by binding themselves to specific cell receptors of CB1 and CB2. Interestingly, the result is that the cannabidiol works independently of the receptors as well as with them.

As a metabolic sibling of the THC found in cannabis, the CBD, and the THC are alike in a variety of ways, however, the CBD doesn’t cause the psychoactive effects that the THC can cause. Therefore, it offers up a myriad of health benefits that are just now being tapped by modern science.

Currently, it’s known to reduce pain and inflammation and end the cycle of cancer cells regenerating. This begins to treat the disease as well as the side effects of the disease.

Patients are also inadvertently treated for depression (which anyone with such a diagnosis is going to have) and anxiety. By stopping the production of the malignant breast cancer cells and treating the other symptoms that are a direct result of the condition, patients are leading more normal lives during treatment and focusing on healing.

As more information is discovered and more trials are being done regarding cannabidiol and breast cancer. Patients are enjoying a higher quality of life and fewer distractions from healing and recovery. CBD is on the cutting edge of technology and shows great promise in medical research for treating breast cancer and many other health conditions that have serious side effects from current treatment protocols.

Doctors, scientists, and patients themselves are working together to explore the benefits of CBD and breast cancer treatment protocols.


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