Are you concerned about breast cancer? If you are, you should watch out for these breast cancer symptoms.

Breast Irritation

When women have invasive breast cancer, they often experience breast irritation. In some cases, their breasts become itchy.

A small amount of itching isn’t a cause for concern. Dry skin and various fabrics can also cause the breasts to itch. However, if you are suffering from frequent chest irritation, you should bring up this issue with your doctor.

Dramatic Breast Changes

Every woman’s breasts change over time. However, when a woman has breast cancer, her breasts may go through more dramatic changes.

If one or both breasts dramatically change in size and shape, cancer may be the reason for that. Color changes can also be a sign of breast cancer. If there are sudden, visible difference between the breasts, breast cancer could be the reason for that.

Unusual Nipple Discharge

Women that have gone through a pregnancy may remove milk from the breasts from time to time, even if they stopped breastfeeding years ago. However, breast cancer can cause women to discharge other liquids from their breasts.

If you notice that your nipples are producing some discharge, you should talk about this with your doctor. They may recommend that you receive a mammogram.

Lumps In The Breast

Lumps are the most common sign of breast cancer. Because of this, it is often recommended that women examine their breasts for lumps. If women identify lumps, they are supposed to go to a doctor to have their bumps looked at.

While lumps can be a sign of cancer, there are also plenty of other reasons that women develop lumps. Tiny, round lumps typically aren’t cancerous. In most cases, these lumps are cysts. A cancerous lump will be larger and less even.

Breast Pain

Women commonly feel breast pain when their period approaches. The change in hormones can cause the breasts to become more tender. Women that wear poorly-fitting bras can also experience breast pain.

If you experience chest pain and you can’t identify the cause, it’s possible that you have breast cancer. Pain is usually a later symptom. If you’re worried about your breast pain, you should talk to a doctor as soon as possible.

Flaking Around The Nipples

When women have breast cancer, the skin around their nipples may start to flake or peel. In some cases, their skin pay also takes on an unusual pitted appearance.

This is a symptom of invasive breast cancer. If you experience unexplained changes in your nipples, you should talk to your doctor about this as soon as possible.

Other Breast Changes

If your breasts change in other strange ways, this could also be a warning sign. If your breasts are suddenly hot to the touch or unusually heavy, you should try to find out why. When it comes to cancer, there is no such thing as being too cautious.

Cancer doesn’t always come with a warning sign. Thankfully, there are some symptoms when it comes to breast cancer. If you handle your disease appropriately, you will be able to get treatment when you need it.


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