When it comes to your health and wellness, a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most frightening to receive. For women, the potential loss of their breasts has additional implications due to the association with gender identity in addition to life itself. However, a cancer diagnosis is no longer the guaranteed death sentence that it once was.

Today, there are an increasing number of treatment options that are available to assist your body in getting rid of the cancerous cells and promoting healthy cells instead. Among the natural options being explored by researchers around the globe are essential oils. While much of these has involved Petri dishes rather than actual patients, these show much promise in helping folks achieve the desired results.

It is important during cancer treatment that you are open and honest with your caregivers about the choices you are making. This is to ensure compatibility of therapy forms. However, the all natural oils tend to lend themselves well to those who are undergoing traditional methods as well as folks seeking strictly natural ways to beat the disease!

While many people have heard of frankincense and myrrh as gifts in the New Testament, these essential oils are still widely in use today. Each of them has incredible powers that can help your body to heal from breast cancer. Some preliminary research demonstrates that frankincense can cause apoptotic abilities, which is permanently programmed cell death by the cancerous cells.

Additionally, the components found in frankincense are fabulous for promoting the health of your other cells. It improves digestion, the immune system and provides anti-stress and anti-anxiety benefits as well.

The synergistic effect of frankincense along with myrrh makes the results even better. The antimicrobial effects are well documented, and Traditional Chinese Medicine often involves using them together. The use can reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and help the body fight off other infectious agents which might attempt to take advantage of a vulnerable host.

Lavender is a beautifully scented essential oil that has profound benefits for breast cancer patients as well as others with the disease. The antioxidant benefits are amazing and can help to turn the tide on many forms of cellular damage. The reduction in oxidative stress and the relaxation effects are beneficial for everyone and show that inhalation for an hour per day can help breast cancer patients.

More than half a dozen studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of lemongrass in the treatment of cancer cells. It shows much promise and further research is being done.

Keep in mind that when using essential oils, more is not necessarily better. You should check the suggested combinations and strengths to ensure that you are giving your body the right balance of these important oils.

Although your initial reaction might be one of fear, you can be victorious over cancer. The use of active holistic treatments is helping people across the world and can help you as well. These essential oils are one piece of that treatment puzzle.


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