During the ordeal that is breast cancer, women tend to find themselves facing one problem or another, ranging from the simple paperwork complications of going from one doctor to another to the world-shaking challenge of preparing to die and sorting through one’s emotions when things seem to be at rock bottom. Still, for those who have survived breast cancer, the ordeal is never really over. The long-term strain of the surgery and treatments to remove tumors on the breasts has a wide-ranging number of effects that can be a physical and emotional strain for any woman. Of particular note is the procedure of mastectomy wherein sizable shards or even the entire breast are removed entirely to prevent a woman from dying of advanced breast cancer.

For women who survive a mastectomy, their bout with breast cancer may well be over, but the healing takes years, if not decades. The loss of a breast is painful to any woman, and body dysphoria issues relating to the after effects of the surgery can take years to recover from. While making peace with one’s new body is the work of years, there are some means by which women can compensate for their losses. One tool that helps women live a more normal life after a mastectomy is the newly emerging product line of breast cancer bras. These are not everyday bras, but rather bras intended specifically to help women who have lost significant amounts of or even whole breasts to breast cancer.

Each of these bras aims to contain breast prostheses, also known as breast forms. However, each breast form must be custom fit to the user to create a natural appearance to the breast that does not look disproportionate to the body the breast forms are worn on. While this is to be expected for any prostheses, it makes fitting a bra to accommodate both the body and the prostheses a matter of customized fitting that simply can not handle a one size fits all approach. Each of these bras is custom fit to the user, with pockets built in to accommodate the exact type of breast prostheses the specific woman needs to maintain an appearance of their chest that they are comfortable with.

These bras call for a massive amount of coverage of the breasts, as well as requiring that the bras be as comfortable as possible to prevent after effects of surgery. It should be noted that typically after such surgery procedures, doctors will recommend sports bras and compression bras immediately afterward, and women should note switch to mastectomy bras until their doctor gives them the go ahead as post-mastectomy breasts are at risk until the damage of the surgery heals up. Professional bra fittings for breast cancer bras are highly recommended and should include bringing the breast form one uses to get fitted for the bra itself. While a professional bra fitting is rarely easy on anyone, a professional fitting is the best way to get a bra fitted for such unique breasts.


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