Third Annual Early Environmental Exposures Meeting

November 2 - 3, 2006
Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, CA

sponsored by

AVON Foundation



Claremont Hotel
Program Chair:  
Robert A. Hiatt, MD PhD
& Logistics:  
Kaya Balke

The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers (BCERC) Network is pursuing epidemiological and biological studies investigating the influence of Early Environmental Exposures on mammary gland development and the potential of these exposures to alter the risk of breast cancer in later life. The latest scientific findings from the BCERC will be presented along with results from investigations in other studies in the field. This scientific meeting seeks to build on the growing interaction between biologic and epidemiologic lines of research inquiry. Community participation and advocacy concerns will continue to be highly integrated into the discussions. Content will include the basic biology of breast development, environmental exposures that influence breast development and future breast cancer risks, and public health communication of the risks associated with these exposures.

The audience for this meeting is expected to be BCERC members; scientists in the area of breast cancer and mammary biology, environmental epidemiology or children's health; and community, environmental health, and breast cancer advocates.

Summaries of the presentations are available in PDF format.




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